My work features bold color and rough textures created from different tools, though most commonly used is a palette knife. Rarely, if at all, are subjects depicted with realistic features. My artwork is predominantly abstract, using blind contour to distort their features and asking the viewer to use their knowledge of the subject to truly identify with it.

While inspired by current events, I also find inspiration through music and travel. My artwork channels a passion for political and environmental issues and the effects they both have on our planet; from landscapes and oceans, to us mentally and physically as human beings.

My mission is to transfix the viewer and allow them to see something unique that speaks to their life experiences, past or present. I want them to look upon these pieces and take with them what they did not have before: a curious feeling that brings on a need to educate themselves on the political and environmental changes we are affected by daily.

I work primarily with oil paint, though for sketches I use charcoal, pencil, and graphite.